Mind of my own..
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Mind of my own..

i dont even know who you are. but GOOD FOR YOU!!!! :D 


For the people that don’t believe that I put in work! Pfft.

congrats girl <3

So inspiring! I wanna accomplish this!!


A lot of good news this Fall. One being a lot of sponsors and companies supporting tumblr as we grow.

One huge company being Apple. Apple has chosen to give us an unknown number of iPhone 4S’s to give away.

Check out http://www.apple.com/iphone/ to read all about it.

http:/staff.tumblr.com/Apples-Giveaway/ to enter

yayy! i just got mine! :D

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Double whoa.


You’re young? Exactly. You’re a simple adolescent. You shouldn’t be getting trashed and shit faced every night. There’s no need for the excessive partying. You think you won’t be affected? You think it only happens to adults? Maybe it won’t happen from drinking and driving but there’s plenty of other possibilities. Alcohol poisoning, overdoses, etc. Stop thinking you’re invincible to it. Stop acting like you “don’t give a fuck”. When you wind up in the hospital, you will. Fuck it, you’re young. Why live to get any older, right?


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